We have over 20+ years experience in digitizing and creating artwork. With our multi-head Tajima machines that have a 15 color capability, we can offer you state- of- the- art embroidery for all your apparel needs. After artwork is submitted by the customer, it is digitized. This process converts the printed image or graphic into a digitized file which basically plots the images into stitch points. The embroidery machines then read the digitized file and embroiders it onto the garments.

Our minimum for an embroidery order is 12 pieces. We are a full-package business, therefore, we supply the goods. Shirts and jackets are run on a flat format and caps/hats are run on a cylindrical format. Subsequently you cannot combine shirts and caps/hats to reach your minimum.

Please browse the Catalog section on our website to view a large variety of apparel that we offer.